Immunization Management:

Combining accuracy and simplicity

PyraMED's Immunization Management tools ensure that health centers can accurately track a patient's immunization history, administer on-site vaccinations, and report on immunization data for patient populations.

Equipped with a full Immunization Program Designer, health centers can easily define an unlimited number of immunization compliance programs based on University and/or State requirements and recommendations. Disease information and vaccination types may also be created 'on the fly', ensuring that a newly identified disease outbreak can be tracked IMMEDIATELY.


  • Interface Directly with Your Campus-Wide System
  • Compliance Reporting Using ANY Data Field
  • Customize Secure Messages to Individuals or in Batch based on Compliance Standards
  • Track and Monitor ANY Disease Type
  • Customizable Compliance Parameters
  • Full Integration with the Patient's Clinical Record
  • Export Data to Another System for State or Institution Compliance
  • Track, Monitor, and Provide in-house Vaccinations