Electronic Health Record:

Multitask from a single screen

PyraMED is built on a simple principle - technology should not hinder the practice of medicine. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our newly engineered and highly configurable Electronic Health Record (EHR). With fewer mouse clicks, P5 makes it easy to document an encounter, place an order, check the status of a test, and deliver patient care — all from a single screen.

Featured Advantages:

Improved Workflow: PyraMED’s comprehensive and consistent system allows College Health Professionals to flow through a patient visit from scheduling to check-out. Documentation is faster using PyraMED’s provider shortcuts such as forms and scenarios. Incorporated with PyraMED’s comprehensive task system, providers are automatically notified of patient follow ups, results, and other items that require attention throughout the day.

Customization: PyraMED’s brand new platform - P5 provides unparalleled customization. Chart notes, forms, templates, drop down menus, screen layout, and several other features may be customized to each provider’s individual needs.

Clinical Content and Protocols: Embedded in PyraMED’s EHR is a wealth of clinical decision support to assist practitioners in prescribing, diagnosing, and placing the appropriate services and orders for a patient. Manage medications, access lab and test results, track a referral status all from the convenience of one screen.

Communication Tools: PyraMED’s comprehensive messaging tools make it simple and secure to communicate with colleagues and patients. At the click of a mouse, PyraMED provides the ability to send a message to a patient or communicate with another department across campus.